“Foreign athletes rave about food and lodging at 2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships”

Strict hygiene management, food station operation, etc.

It was found that foreign athletes and executives participating in the ‘2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships’ were very satisfied with food and lodging in Jinju.

Jinju City, Gyeongsangnam-do, revealed that more than 90% of the 200 foreign athletes who visited Jinju City to participate in the tournament answered ‘very satisfied’ in a satisfaction survey on food and lodging. As of the 10th, a total of 5,005 foreign players and executives stayed overnight, and a total of 13,254 people used breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Regarding this tournament, Jinju City operates a general situation room to manage food and lodging for foreign teams from 5:30 am to 10 pm every day from the 2nd to the 13th when the tournament ends, and provides customized food for each country. Hygiene is strictly managed in accommodation facilities.

Jinju Asia Weightlifting Championships’ food station for foreign athletes.

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Foreign athletes participating in the competition require careful consideration due to differences in language, culture, and religion. Through mutual sharing of menus and feedback on food quality, taste, and menu evaluation, a variety of high-quality foods tailored to each country are provided. In particular, it provides thoroughly customized menus, such as selecting and using only halal-certified foods, to the athletes in the Islamic cultural region, which strictly observes the doctrine and allows only halal food.

In addition, food inspectors are placed to prevent and manage food poisoning that may occur during the cooking and serving process by measuring the central temperature of the food served and observing the serving time, so that food is provided safely, and guidance is also given on maintaining kindness and cleanliness in the accommodations for foreign players. It is thoroughly managed through inspection.

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In addition, through the operation of a food station in the stadium, foreign players and executives are provided with refreshments and meal replacements such as fruits, as well as a rest area to help strengthen the capabilities of the players before the game. As of the 10th, the number of people using the food station is 1483.

One foreign player said, “I felt like I was being treated well because the Jinju Si-Yakdo Organizing Committee was sincere and considerate of the foreign players.”

Yeongnam Coverage Headquarters Reporter Choi Soon-gyeong [email protected]

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