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The FPS Foreign Affairs published a new list on Sunday with so-called ‘red zones’. It is forbidden to go to such a ‘red zone’. If you are there, you will be required to be quarantined and tested upon your return. Also new is a long list of ‘orange zones’.

Reminder: Foreign Affairs assigns different color codes to EU countries. These indicate the state of the pandemic in that country. This list is divided into ‘departure’ and ‘return’.

If you come back from …

If you return from Sweden, British Leicester and certain regions in Spain and Portugal (see list below), you must be quarantined and tested for two weeks.

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In addition, the FPS also published a list of so-called ‘orange zones’. Anyone who goes on holiday there must show ‘increased vigilance’ upon return, according to the FPS.

These are the Austrian state of Upper Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Spanish region of Aragon, Luxembourg, the Italian Trento, the Algarve and Alentejo in Portugal, the Swiss canton of Ticino, Romania, the Czech region of Moravia-Silesia (Moravskoslezský), the Polish region. Slaskie and the British regions of Midland, North East & Yorkshire, Northern Wales and Northern Ireland.

Note: this list is regularly updated. You will find the most recent here.

If you leave for …

Leave for Sweden, Malta, Norway and Finland is currently not possible. They have been added to the list of ‘red zones’ by the FPS. This is because the countries themselves have imposed travel restrictions. Non-essential travel is therefore not allowed.

Also in Portugal there are ‘red zones’ before leaving. These are the regions of Amadora, Odivelas, Sintra, Loures and Lisbon. In Spain the district of Segrià (Catalonia) and the district of La Mariña (province of Lugo, Galicia) were found to be red. In the United Kingdom is the city Leicester a ‘red zone’.

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