forecasts for Tuesday 20 September, H24info

Here are the weather forecasts established by the Directorate General of Meteorology for Tuesday 20 September 2022:

– Local misty and drizzle formations on the Mediterranean shore, the northern and central plains and the northern eastern.

– Some showers scattered over the southeast and east of the southern provinces.

– Sparse rains or showers on the Middle Atlas.

– Slightly to temporarily cloudy sky over the High Atlas, its neighboring plains, the Orient and the Rif.

– Quite strong gusts of wind on the southern and south-eastern coasts with dust in some places.

– Minimum temperatures around 09/15 ° C on the reliefs, 22/27 ° C in the south-east and east of the southern provinces and 15/22 ° C everywhere.

– Slightly decreasing maximum temperatures in the east of the country.

– Fine seas with little rough in the Mediterranean, little rough on the Strait and between Cape Spartel and Dakhla and recently moved to rough elsewhere.

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