Forecast: Temperatures will exceed normal values

Anastasia Stoycheva STAFF: BNT

Permanent warming begins in the country. This is commented in “The day begins” on BNT on the first day of the astronomical summer the weather forecaster Anastasia Stoycheva.

After the rains and the cooling in the first half of June, the temperatures will now exceed the normal values ​​for this period, the forecaster explained.

In recent days, the most significant rainfall was in northeastern Bulgaria, and the driest was in the western part of the Upper Thracian lowlands and the extreme northwestern regions.
Today there will still be short-term rains over the country, accompanied by thunder, Stoycheva said.

Warming begins and after Wednesday almost all over the country temperatures will exceed 30 degrees, and in the flat part of the country – the Danube plain, temperatures above 35 degrees are expected, the forecaster explained.

Our country will fall under the influence of warm air masses coming from Africa, added Stoycheva.



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