Forecast Shows Dry And Cool Conditions For This Tuesday In New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

for many it is the heart of thecity, it’s beautiful parkcentral, that a day like todayconsonant sun, is enjoyeda lot of wings.stephanie, until whenwe tend this beautiful sun?Meteoologist: Adriana, I cansay we are going to enjoy itthe rain doesn’t come to the endof week.for now, we are enjoyingof these temperatures well forusually we should be in50 to 57, this timemercury is located at 67.about 10 above the brooklyn neighborhoodtemperatures in much of thearea in 67, let’s go to how they arethethings in the bronx anywayenjoying temperaturesbetween 66 and 67.they are going to defend little by little thisnight, let’s see somepassing clouds, though nowsame, heaven iscompletely clear, paynight some passing clouds andthe temperatures that are going togo down to 50.we are at 54, how is itour Tuesday?apparently just asspectacular than on Monday,temperatures again themid-high 60.there we see our parkstomorrow afternoon, withtemperatures between 64 and 66.selling from the northwest.if you couldn’t go today, you cango tomorrow to enjoy thoseparks, we see the rain that doesn’tarrives until Saturday, which iswhen we see when theprobability of precipitationfor the rest of the week likeYou can see how a couple of daysyou’re approaching 70, startingFriday thetemperatures at low valuesusual.

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