Forde, Traffic | There are rumors that there will be a derailment in Førde. When they arrived, the driver was gone

At 20:22 on Monday evening, emergency services received a report that a car had been observed in the water at Sjøahola in Førde, where Hornnesvegen crosses the bridge to Indre Øyrane.

Operations director Tom Johannessen of the Western Police Precinct told Firda at 9.10pm.

Emergency services went to town, but when they arrived, they found the car partially underwater, but without a driver. The police are now in contact with a person involved in the case.

– It turned out that the person who was in the car drove home from there, but ordered a tow truck for the car. We were concerned that there might be more people involved, but the information we have received so far shows that there was only one person in the car. Those involved were assisted by an ambulance, but no injuries were found to our knowledge, Johannessen says.

The police are investigating the case further. What happened and if it comes to being drunk, is something the police didn’t have an answer to on Monday night.

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