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Ford unveils F-150 Lightning batteries. It is also a giant power bank

Ford is preparing to become the third company in the world to market a electric pick-up, with his F-150 Lighting. The vehicle most loved by the Americans therefore becomes battery-powered, and it seems that it is also having great success in terms of pre-orders.

The Blue Oval house was anticipated by General Motors (Hummer EV) yes Rivian (R1T), but he plans to recover quickly, thanks also to the excellent characteristics of the F-150. Among these there is the possibility to choose between two different battery cuts, according to your needs. More details were revealed at a recent conference.

The defined battery Standard Range – as in the Mustang Mach-E – will be from 98 kWh, with autonomy estimates of 370 km. The version Extended Range instead rises to 131 kWh, with the kilometers that can be traveled increasing accordingly, up to 480. All these data are awaiting official EPA certification, but can be taken as a rather precise reference point.

With these estimates it is also possible to trace the efficiency of the electric pick-up. Both versions should travel approx 3.7 km for each kWh stored in the battery, a figure only slightly lower than, for example, in Rivian, which reaches 3.8 km.

Ford F-150 Lightning

There is another interesting feature of Ford’s truck, namely the bidirectional charge. Not only does the F-150 Lightning support fast DC charging up to 150 kW, but it can also share the stored energy, for example by recharging another electric vehicle, as shown in an institutional image, where a Mach- AND. This function has already been designed for future use, in which the pick-up can also serve as a storage battery for renewable energy generation plants, to then return what is stored when necessary.

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