Ford patents a panoramic windshield on the base of the Mustang

It seems that the oval brand had several surprises prepared with the Ford Mustang as the main protagonist The first of all, and the most obvious, was the launch of the first electric SUV of the entity, a Mach-E He hopes to be a best seller. The second, may be very close to materialize but for now we will have to comply with the patent We just discovered.

A very striking windshield

On May 14, 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filed a patent application for the windshield and the accompanying roof design, and the agency published the documents in its online database just one month ago, specifically on November 14. Of all this we had no record until the file was discovered by a forum user Mach E Club, who shared the find with his fellow Mustang fans.



While anyone would be attracted to him large panoramic windshield With the sketches of the patent, which would extend over the heads of the occupants of the first row, the abstract description of the documents refers more to how to make this design possible. Ford’s proposal is based on a pair of sturdy roof beams, joined transversely by two opposite arches, which reinforce the whole and facilitate the distribution of load between the structures in case of an impact. This assembly, depending on the brand, could be hidden by a small metal panel on the ceiling.

Since this design currently only exists in the sketches we have in front of our eyes, we cannot be sure that it is as effective as it is for keep occupants safe In case of an accident. Even if it were, and Ford will use this style of roof (and windshield) in a production vehicle, it would be unlikely that the first model to use it was the Mustang. The illustrations simply serve as examples for the USPTO, and do not indicate plans to produce a car with an aesthetic solution like this.

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Will we see it in the future?

However, we cannot discard this idea, although perhaps the most suitable products to implement the patent would be much more expensive models than the Mustang and of a different style such as, for example, SUV. In this sense Mach-E itself or the counterparts of Lincoln They would fit better. We will see how this matter advances in the future and if soon the oval brand surprises us with some concept of panoramic windshield.

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