Ford has developed a perfume for electric car owners. It should smell like a gasoline car

Ford has created a perfume for owners of electric cars, especially the Mustang Mach-E GT, which lack the smell of a car with an internal combustion engine.

The special smell is said to have been created in response to the results of a survey, according to which one of the five drivers would miss the smell of petrol the most when “switching” from a petrol car to an electric car.

In general, however, almost 70 percent of people would lack the specific aroma of this fuel in an electric car.

Gasoline is also one of the most popular odors ever, it is said to be even more popular than wine and cheese. His popularity is said to be comparable to the smell of new books.

Of course, the perfume named Mach-Eau, which was created for Ford by Olfiction, does not only smell like petrol, it is much more refined, it is more reminiscent of a car with a petrol engine with everything.

The starting point was to “capture” the odors that the materials emit in the interior, as well as the smell of the engine and, of course, gasoline. For example, the creators came up with almond-flavored benzaldehyde and p-cresol, which is the key to creating the rubbery odor of tires.

Ingredients such as blue ginger, lavender, geranium and sandalwood were also used to add metallic, smoky and other rubber accents. Ford also mentions an unspecified “animal” element to underline the Mustang’s “horse” heritage.

If you are interested in the scent of Mach-Eau, we have bad news: Ford is not planning to sell it yet. The perfume was created as part of a campaign that seeks to “dispel the myths surrounding electric cars and convince traditional car lovers of the potential of electric vehicles.”



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