Forcing students to kiss their feet while being photographed, this teacher was immediately fired

BEIJING, – One guru kindergarten in China fired, after forcing his students to kiss his feet while being taped.

Not only was he arrested, the teaching staff was immediately arrested for spreading his inappropriate behavior on WeChat.

The educator, identified with the surname Liu, told police that he had tried to instill masochism from an early age.

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According to him, giving punishment to students is a form of practice. According to him, “satisfaction can be obtained from the humiliation of others.”

Based on his logic, Liu admitted that he was only trying to provide “teaching” so that his students would understand masochism.

The photo shows the teacher forcing his students to kiss feet, accompanied by the words “kiss, kiss well”.

Liu is known to be a teacher at RYB Education in Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province, eastern China.

Quoted SCMP via Asia One Thursday (15/4/2021), Liu shared three photos of how the boy was holding his socks.

His masochistic comments were reportedly hidden so that the parents and other teachers could not see them.

However, one of the friends on WeChat contacts took a screenshot of Liu’s action, and uploaded it on Weibo.

According to an investigation by the local education department, the incident occurred when Liu took off his shoes while talking to the victim on Monday, 912/4/2021).

The victim had revealed that the teacher’s feet were smelly. Liu then kissed her and told her students to do the same before being photographed.

The police who got the report after the incident went viral immediately arrested Liu, and detained him for seven days.

Meanwhile, RYB stated that the teacher was immediately fired, calling his behavior evil and full of abuse.

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