Forbes named the highest paid celebrities

Film Director Peter Jackson

The income of 25 representatives of show business in the rating for the year amounted to 4.4 billion dollars before taxes.

New Zealand film director Peter Jackson, creator of the trilogy Lord of the Rings, topped the list of world celebrities who earned more than others in 2021. Corresponding rating on Wednesday, February 9, published Forbes magazine.

So, according to the publication, Jackson got rich for a record $ 580 million in a year. Most of the income was brought to him by the sale of his special effects studio Weta Digital for $ 1.6 billion. Thanks to the agreement, Jackson became the third billionaire director – after Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

In second place is the American singer Bruce Springsteen, who earned $ 435 million in 12 months. As indicated, the singer also got rich thanks to a deal – he sold the rights to the entire catalog of his songs to the music division of Sony for half a billion dollars.

The third line of the rating was taken by American rap artist Jay-Z. His annual income was $340 million.

Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in the fourth position with $270 million, and American singer Kanye West, who earned $ 235 million, is in the fifth position.

According to the list, the highest-paid woman among the representatives of show business was the American actress Reese Witherspoon. Having earned $ 115 million in a year, she took the 12th place.

According to the publication, the incomes of the 25 highest-paid representatives of show business amounted to $ 4.4 billion before taxes.

Earlier, Forbes ranked the highest-paid stars in TikTok. The first line in it took American Charlie D’Amelio with earnings of $17.5 million and 133 million subscribers.

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