for Vlahovic there is a sensational exchange

The Juventus continues to closely monitor the market in search of opportunities to exploit. We told you today about how the technician Max Allegri is considering the sale of four players in the transfer session, either because of the poor performance, or because of the many physical problems, or because he simply does not consider them “to be Juventus”As repeatedly expressed by the Tuscan coach. In the meantime, however, the Old lady continues to dream big, and in the thoughts of Turin society the name that lights up the imagination is that of Dusan Vlahovic of the Fiorentina, for which the best strategy is being studied to bring it under the Mole.

With the announcement of Commisso of the non-renewal of the young Serbian, however, the Juventus was literally caught off guard. Because? The feeling of many insiders is that the purple company is intent on putting on the market Vlahovic already during the January session, with the clear aim of obtaining something from a player who is clearly a jewel. This move changed the plans of Madam, what now if he really wants to get to the striker of the Fiorentina it will necessarily have to intervene heavily with important liquidity which, as we know, at the moment it does not have. however, today he reports an idea of ​​the new Juventus DS Federico Cherubini, that is to set up a large market exchange involving two very young talents, namely precisely Vlahovic and the black and white Dejan Kulusevski, purchased just a year ago from Parma. The Swede, despite his undoubted qualities, is unable to get into the good graces of Merry, who at the beginning of the season has tried him in many roles (striker, right winger, attacking midfielder, even half-winger). Always, however, with poor results from the point of view of performance, the opposite of what was glimpsed last year with Andrea Pirlo on the bench.

Not by chance Leave he is the least used young man of all among those available to Merry, which would have included him in the list of possible starters. It goes without saying that you give things like this, it would be there to gain enormously Juventus, which would guarantee the center forward for many years, also given the presence of Kean, taken for the same reason, namely to rejuvenate one of the oldest roses in Europe.

On the other hand, the purchase of Vlahovic would push for goodbye Alvaro Morata, current number 9 holder of Juve, for which the bianconeri have already invested a good 20 million euros for the two-year loan (35 would be missing for the definitive redemption fromAtletico Madrid). For the figures currently in football 20 million seem like crumbs, but in short, they are a good 20 million euros that should be practically thrown away.

The situation is constantly changing, but the table is slowly setting, all the pieces are in play. We just have to wait.

OMNISPORT | 11-10-2021 23:37



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