for the Stade Rochelais it has “always been the same thing outside” for a few months now

If comforting a dubious direct competitor is problematic, it is less so than the impression left by the Maritimes over several months. “We didn’t talk about the match last season. I think we have learned from our mistakes, that we have progressed, ”Romain Carmignani, the forwards coach, said on Thursday. However, in reality, La Rochelle does not seem to learn and progress in terms of travel management which is within its reach, which it’s more in the wake of a great performance.

“We Arrived as Stars”

“I’m sorry for all the La Rochelle fans, I think we arrived as protagonists after last week’s match (53-7 against Castres, ed), we have to improve constantly. Also, today we are wrong about our bases, defense, lifts, things like that ”, regrets Grégory Alldritt on the microphone of Canal +. In the press conference his words were less vehement but the captain didn’t think less of it, regretting that he “always had the same speech outside”: “We start well, then we relax… We have to be stronger in those moments, to never give up, always remain constant. Everything seemed to go well as everyone was in the system, disciplined, we all made a small mistake. And 15 or even 23 fouls is definitely too many. »

“It happens a little bit every year. We would like to grow on this.”

However, the yellow and blacks have committed half of them compared to their opponents (8, against 16). That didn’t stop them from losing. “Maybe we don’t question each other enough every week, I don’t know. But tonight (Saturday), we had no excuses, the Gersois took over. You need to know how to stay regular and not take yourself for others when you win with the home bonus. You have to stay in the game for eighty minutes, don’t believe he’s folded to the 30th…”

“This pocket of air is difficult to explain, whispered Sébastien Boboul. We make so many tackles wrong, with small individual mistakes on one-on-one when there was no space and which, added together among so many players, make too many mistakes… ”One explanation could lie in the absence of so many managers. He would be biased. On Saturday, the biggest failures came from experienced players (Levani Botia and Ulupano Seuteni in center defense, Brice Dulin and Tawera Kerr-Barlow in the second half, Thomas Lavault and Pierre Bourgarit in touch, etc.). And if Aleksandre Kuntelia went off before the break, harassed by star left-footed Clément Castets, it was more to protect the promising 20-year-old mainstay than to punish him.

A breath of European air?

“We don’t have to hide behind that, the trocar coach abounded. Those who have had little playing time have performed quite well, I am thinking of Martin (Alonso Muñoz, ed). No, we train daily for eleven months together, it’s not because we change players that he has to change. Collectively, it wasn’t too bad, but we lacked the aggression. “Like in Bayonne where Uini Atonio, Will Skelton, Yoan Tanga and other Teddy Thomases or Dillyn Leyds were present, for example. Like against Pau, when there were also some of these players…

And as after these matches, there is no doubt that La Rochelle will be able to react. Moreover at home, at the start of the European Cup with the defense of a title that will start live against France 2. But it is this reactionary team state that annoys Sébastien Boboul: “What is harmful is that we repeat ourselves a little ‘ every year. We would like to grow on this and be able to do well from weekend to weekend, especially outside. “It remains that we will have to move on to something else, and in particular to a Champions Cup in sprint format which, given this weakness, is suitable visibly more to the gialloneri.

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