For the last positive, they isolated health personnel so that the system continues to function – El Eco

In a press conference at the SUM of the Children’s Hospital, the health authorities explained that after confirming the last positive case they decided isolate and swab health personnel so that the system can continue to function.

In total there are nine that are isolated: a doctor and six nurses from the Sanatorium, and two other professionals from the Chacabuco Clinic, but they do not rule out that there may be more. “It is not easy to isolate and suspend giving assistance to the population,” said Dr. Jorge Gentile, a member of the Covid-19 Monitoring Committee in the Tandil party.

In addition, he reported that the new positive was hospitalized here for a non-infectious cause, totally asymptomatic, and that yesterday they warned from the Austral Hospital that he had the virus. For this reason, they are doing the relevant work to find out where the contagion came from.

Meanwhile, the infectious disease doctor Florence Bruggesser reported that at the Chacabuco Clinic there are two isolated which are the closest contacts.

We must not criminalize the disease or the sick“, Said the authorities of the Integrated Public Health System.

Meanwhile, Bruggesser explained that those who come from phase 4 are being swabbed and that The patient from Ayacucho was not sampled because the neighboring town is at 5.

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