For the Cali Fair, the mayor of Medellín congratulated Jorge Iván Ospina

On Twitter, the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, congratulated his counterpart from Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, for holding the Fair in that city. Photo: Taken from Daniel Quintero’s Twitter @QuinteroCalle

During Saturday night the second day of the virtual edition of version 63 of the Cali Fair took place, which due to the new coronavirus sars-cov-2 pandemic had to be held in an unprecedented way through digital media.

This time The traditional Meeting of Melomaniacs and Collectors took place, which due to the health emergency in the country could not be held on the stages of the Sultana del Valle that are arranged each year for this purpose.

AND In the middle of the transmission of the event, which according to the organizers has had more than a million spectators in Colombia and the world, the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, congratulated his counterpart in Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, for the presentations that were made on Saturday night.

“From Medellín you can enjoy the Cali Fair. Very good for this city and its mayor, Jorge Iván Ospina, for not leaving the artists behind, now that is when they need it most ”, Quintero told him through his Twitter account, the event just started on digital and regional channels.

The wink from Antioquia was answered almost instantly by the president of the Valle del Cauca capital on that social network. “Thank you, Mayor Daniel Quintero. I know that you understand and interpret very well the words of the philosopher ‘Without music (without art) life would be a mistake’. For 2021 he is invited to our Fair of Cali for Life “Ospina replied in another trill.

The support came to the mayor of the capital of the Valley in the midst of the controversy that continues to cause the investment of almost 11,000 million pesos to carry out this event in the midst of the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic in Cali.

Among the most recent criticisms was that of youtuber and journalist Daniel Samper Ospina, who trilled on the subject on Saturday morning. “What audacity what is happening in Cali, Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina owes many explanations to what appears to be a virtual fair, but contracts … Shameful,” the Los Danieles columnist trilled.

Youtuber and journalist Daniel Samper also criticized the holding of the fair.  Photo: Taken from Daniel Samper's Twitter @DanielSamperO

Youtuber and journalist Daniel Samper also criticized the holding of the fair. Photo: Taken from Daniel Samper’s Twitter @DanielSamperO

However, The mayor of Cali responded with screenshots of the metrics that the transmissions through the digital channels of the fair had and added in his trill: “I think investigating would make your task of pointing without knowing less embarrassing.”

And in another post he told Samper: “The open books for the scrutiny of control bodies and responsible journalism. But they are wrong to think that in such a crisis we should not invest in the cultural matrix of our city. It’s that clear, investing in culture is transforming societies ”.

The mayor of Cali has been defending this investment since the category to be assigned was announced in October and has reiterated that the famous event of the capital of Valle del Cauca deserved it, because it was generating economic reactivation for the city from culture, as reiterated in the opening speech of the event last Friday.

“Poor those who, from sustained inheritances, pretend that our city is apathetic to the mobilizing project of culture, poor minds those who think that we should not irrigate resources to mobilize those men and women who build. from the essence of the neighborhood a different look and a renewing look, ”said Ospina that day.

Sierra Maestra, from Cuba, closed the second day of the Cali Fair.  Photo: Cali Mayor's Office

Sierra Maestra, from Cuba, closed the second day of the Cali Fair. Photo: Cali Mayor’s Office

During On the second day of the Cali Fair, the traditional event of the Meeting of Melómanos y Coleccionistas took place where salsa experts gathered from virtuality to pay tribute to this musical rhythm that has the Sultana del Valle as one of its epicenters.

During the broadcast, viewers had the opportunity to watch videos and previously unreleased versions performed by great salsa icons such as Ray Barreto, Cheo Feliciano or Sonora Ponceña.

Among the guests there were also the interventions of celebrities who are also devotees of this musical genre, as was the case of Fernando ‘El flaco’ Solorzano or Dany Hoyos ‘El suso’.

In the interventions, professional dancers were also seen moving to the rhythm of the salsa sounds that were reproduced on vinyl.

In addition to the presentation, which could also be seen on regional channels such as Canal Capital in Bogotá, Telecaribe in the Colombian north, Telepacífico in the west, and Signal Colombia in the national transmission, The song ‘Canela’ by the actor and singer Cesar Mora was recalled, whose chorus “I want to die in a singular way” was chanted by Jaime Garzón prior to his assassination.

The event also had the presentation of the orchestras Clandeskina de Cali, Julio Cortez y su Corte, which imposed the stamp of the ‘old guard’ salsa of the 70s.

The closing was in charge of the legendary Grupo Sierra Morena, which from Havana (Cuba) paid tribute to the Sultana del Valle with a mixture of Cuban son and hard sauce. in your virtual presentation.

Tonight The concert ‘We are Pacific’ will be held, for the third day of the virtual edition of the fair, in which the Bahía Group, Jimmy Saa, Junior Jein, the African Heritage Dance Group, the Youth 2000 Dance Group and the recognized Timbiquí heritage that fuse the rhythms of the Pacific with salsa.

With Salsódromo and closing with Yury Buenaventura, this is how the first day of the Cali Fair was lived

Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina says that there are saboteurs robots at the Cali Fair, in the face of criticism for its virtual version

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