For So Long Becomes ‘Monthly’ in the World About the Spread of the Corona Virus, This Chinese Doctor Reveals Shocking Facts About the Origin of Covid-19 Not from Wuhan

Kompas / Garry Lotulung

(Illustration) Funeral officers carry the coffin of a patient suspected of the corona virus or Covid-19 at the Pondok Rangon TPU, East Jakarta, Wednesday (22/4/2020). – Spread corona virus globally, it is still increasing day by day.

Launching data from the Worldometers page, until Sunday (11/22/2020) morning, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the world were 58,462,891 (58 million) cases.

Of these, as many as 40,439,276 (40 million) patients have recovered, and 1,385,688 people died.

There are 16,637,927 active cases so far, with details of 16,535,681 patients with mild conditions and 102,246 in serious conditions.

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The corona virus is thought to have first appeared in a wet market in Wuhan, China.

However, the following claims by a Chinese scientist might change the facts about the origin of the corona virus.

A Chinese scientist denied that the corona virus originated from Wuhan.

He claimed that Wuhan was only the first place where the coronavirus was detected.

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