For Pole: grin in the north

Waiting around for a website traffic gentle, a passage, a pedestrian strip, a ferry … Every person is there for a shorter or for a longer period time period in entrance of a pole, a preferred item for stickers, stickers, activists, guerrillas …

In the next interval (just about every Thursday) we will not spend attention to the acceleration of targeted visitors, but to the pole itself, a cultural-historic exploration of the observe of wild bonding of Zaanse. Currently: grin to the North

Jaap Roeleveld observed this image on a pole in Oostzaan:

“I observed it when I received back from the Twiske. Probably anything for your new column? It truly is also a grin for A’dam Noord, but it really is most likely not a problem for the hurricane … ‘

Do you ever get stuck and want to share it with us? Mail the photo with the description to [email protected]

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