For one cent extra, your box of eggs becomes a lot more animal-friendly –

It’s Easter, and if there is one time when we eat eggs, it is today. Reason for Cash desk to dedicate an item to it. For one cent per box, the production would become a lot more animal-friendly, the TV program states.

“Almost all laying hens are caught upside down. This causes pain and physical suffering ”, it sounds. “Even if you buy eggs with 3 stars Beter Leven, or organic, the laying hens are still caught upside down.” It would be a lot nicer for them if they were caught upright.

That catching happens after chickens have laid eggs for about a year and a half, or 300 pieces. They are then taken to slaughter. During transport they hang upside down, causing some of them to die on the way. By grasping them under the chest instead of by the legs, they can be transported upright and flutter less wildly.

That takes a little more time and therefore money. Barely one cent per box to be exact. The Kassa viewer is prepared to pay for that.

Bron (nen): Metro



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