For lack of gas, Europe rushes on coal

Coal stocks in the port of Newcastle, Australia. Credit: Harley Kingston –

The price of ore soars as the EU boycotts its Russian supplier but is forced to burn its most polluting energy source.

This Wednesday, August 10, the European Union officially stops buying Russian coal, in application of the sanctions decided against Moscow. The decision is heavy: nearly half of the lignite and coal imported by the EU comes from Russia.

The most polluting fuel, at the heart of the first industrial revolution and responsible for mining disasters, represents around 11% of the EU’s energy production. With a significant weight in some states. In Poland, 2 million households depend on coal for heating, each burning an average of three tonnes per winter.

After a 10% increase in the first half,coal consumption is expected to increase by 7% for the year as a whole in the European Union“, anticipates the International Energy Agency (IEA). Many EU members are extending the life of coal-fired power stations that were due to close as part of the climate transition or are reopening them. This is the case of Germany…

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