Sport For Jonas, this season is probably over

For Jonas, this season is probably over


Injuries to the ribs and spine at the end of June for Latvia’s leading motocross rider Paul Jonas will most likely prevent him from completing another stage in the MXGP class this season.

Paul Jonas, Latvia ‘s leading motocross rider, is unlikely to be able to complete another stage in the MXGP class this season, but he will be shown in person in the upcoming stages in Ķegums.

It has already been reported that three consecutive stages of the International Motorsport Federation (FIM) World Motocross Championship will take place on the Ķegums track in Latvia after a five-month break. Two more stages will take place from 10 to 12 and from 14 to 16 August.

“We basically started organizing the event last year, but the Covid-19 crisis in March almost stopped all processes. We resumed work in July, as soon as we found out that the stage will actually take place,” said Serģis in a conversation with the program “Morning Panorama”. “The process of switching contracts has now begun, as many companies have changed their rules, but key partners have remained and there is plenty of work to do.”

This year, the competition in Ķegums will take place in a slightly different format, which will probably not be felt by the fans themselves. The biggest changes will affect athletes, who will be separated from the environment with the entire service team for safety reasons.

“Athletes, technical staff and service personnel will be separated in a separate area, the so-called” paddock “area. If in previous years fans could visit this area to see motorcycles and mechanics, then this year this opportunity will be denied,” Sergis outlines the biggest changes. “The schedule of the competition has also changed. The stages of the European Championship will take place on Saturday, but the world championship races will take place a day later.”

“Previously, the MXGP class competition lasted two days, but this time the decision was made to give the athletes more rest. They have three stages in a short period of time.”

Meanwhile, no additional restrictions are expected for the fans and they will be able to move freely in the competition area.

It has already been reported that the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers on “Epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection” stipulate that athletes arriving in Latvia from countries subject to the self-isolation requirement may disregard it if two Covid-19 tests have been performed and are negative. – one must be done at least three days before arrival and the other the day after arrival.

“I would like to thank the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), as well as other sports people who got involved to ensure that the big sports events in Latvia could take place in the end. These include scramble, rally and European beach volleyball championship,” said MXGP Latvian stage organizer. . “Athletes based in Latvia will be tested basically every two to three days.”

“There will also be a mobile laboratory on site for testing. Athletes will be in a separate area and will be checked regularly, so we hope this will not be a reason for the virus to spread.”

At the end of June, it became known that Paul Jonass, who broke three ribs and suffered a spine injury, would not be visible in the three stages of Latvia’s MXGP. The athlete has already started rehabilitation, but his return to the motorcycle is predicted in about two or three months.

“Paul is currently undergoing rehabilitation in Vaivari. He will be there until August 7,” the manager describes his health. “The recovery is going well … Earlier in the week, Paul was at the doctors who said the recovery was going well.”

“The injury is quite serious, so recovery will take time. I think we will hardly see him on the Paul track this season. Jonas will attend the race in person and meet the fans as well.”

Latvia will be represented in the first stage of MXGP by Matīss Karo and Kārlis Sabulis.

The second, third and fourth rounds of the EMX250 championship, as well as the three new rounds of the “EMX Open” class will also take place in the Latvian stage. In the MX2 class, Latvia will not be represented among 36 athletes.

Mairis Pumpurs, Kristiāns Freimanis, Tomass Šileika and Rainers Žuks will also be among the 70 drivers for the EMX250 competition from Latvia. In the “EMX Open” class, local riders in the competition of 30 athletes will be represented by Arnolds Sņķers.

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