for its spring exhibition, Fontaine-Laborde crowned Daniel Thieux-Coumis

The prize for the evening went to Daniel-Thieux-Coumis, who can add self-taught talent to his business card.

Former teacher of the CFA of the Paul-Bert high school in Bayonne, videographer, at 65 years old, this Angloy by adoption embarked on the pictorial technique in 2014 and has just won the first Prize of the spring exhibition of Fontaine-Laborde with the watercolor “Lever du soir à Halsou”.

Came to art late

For the greatest pleasure of Régis Barbe the president of the association. “We have been impressed with his progress. He undoubtedly had a commitment, a predisposition to art. “, insists the latter, welcoming this late spring of the artist from Béarn. Because, for this sportsman and former enlightened videographer for the town hall of Anglet and the Tennis League, who wanted to do photography, artistic life started again in retirement.

Daniel Thieux-Coumis, (left) with Régis Barbe, president of the Fontaine-Laborde association.

Felix Dufour

“I had never touched a paintbrush in my life and so I took lessons at Fontaine-Laborde, but acrylic did not suit me. So I went to Thierry de Marichalar’s watercolor lessons. I did my scales like everyone else and at first it was very difficult but I persevered. I was also greatly encouraged, in particular by a mention here in 2017 and an Audience Award at the Remparts de Bayonne, which allowed me to do two or three exhibitions a year. »

One can imagine that the “perf” of this veteran Anglet Olympic tennis player will bring additional success to the next exhibition to be held from July 11 to 24 at the town hall of Espelette. The latter is in great danger of disrupting his oceanic meetings: to celebrate his 70th birthday, the artist had planned to participate in the French lifeguards championship.

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