For human rights: New York fears about “Fearless Girl” in front of Wall Street

For human rights
New York fears for “Fearless Girl” on Wall Street

The “Fearless Girl” statue: next to her famous work is the sculptor Kristen Visbal. Photo: Benno Schwinghammer / dpa

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Bronze feminism: the world-famous “Fearless Girl” statue threatens to disappear from Downton Manhattan. Activists and artists are now fighting against it.

A 1.20 meter tall girl has been remembering since 2017
Bronze in downtown Manhattan for women’s rights – but now it could
the “fearless girl” in front of Wall Street will soon be history. the
Approval of the statue of the “Fearless Girl” in front of the famous
New York Stock Exchange expired a few days ago. Activists and the
Artists fight for her whereabouts. «I’m here to
reaffirm why the artwork should be preserved and why it
is important, »said sculptor Kristen Visbal on Thursday
(Local time) at the location of the statue. Local authorities in New York must
now decide what to do with the Fearless Girl.

The girl in the waving dress

The little bronze girl wears a billowing dress and a
Ponytail, hands defiantly on hips. 2017
It initially stared at the famous statue of the year and a half
“Wall Street cops” a few yards away. Then it moved to the
Stock exchange and looked to the important international trading place
up. In the past few years it has become more and more popular
– Thousands of people took picture with the statue.

For artist Visbal, the “Fearless Girl” stands for much more
than just for the power of women in leadership positions: «The questions
the collaboration between the sexes and the diversity of all
The ideals of equality that stand behind “Fearless Girl” are like that
important so that we can achieve our full potential as a global society
can exploit them », she says. The sculptress emphasizes that she wants to go along with it
The New York authorities work together to make the «Fearless
Girl “could stay in Manhattan.



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