For healthy arteries eat this as often as possible!

Many of the most dangerous diseases are caused by poor peripheral circulation.

Stroke most often has no symptoms, heart attacks and peripheral vascular disease. But unfortunately heart disease is affecting more and more years from year to year, and in the US is one of the leading causes of death. Atherosclerosis can affect several arteries simultaneously, often without causing any symptoms.

Severe and repeated headaches accompanied by respiratory or speech problems, loss of balance or coordination of movements are often symptoms of carotid artery damage, a condition also known as carotid arterial disease.

While the severe pain felt in the chest, the sensation of tightening in the jaw, arms and even the back announces the clogging of the coronary arteries, which makes it difficult to supply blood to the heart.

One of the main problems of chronic kidney disease is the clogging of the renal arteries, often characterized by problems with concentration, swelling of the extremities, lack of appetite and increased fatigue.

Accumulation of arterial plaque involves narrowing of the arteries that carry blood, especially in the limbs. Peripheral arterial disease can be reported when you have to walk a long distance and pain occurs in the extremities.

The cause of clogged arteries

The process by which blood circulation is obstructed by narrowing of the arteries leads to the pneumonia of atherosclerosis. In this situation on the walls of the arteries appear depends on fatty material or cholesterol, and blood supply to all tissues is much more difficult. This causes cardiovascular problems that can be fatal in some cases.

Flax seeds unblock the arteries

Because they are extremely rich in fiber, flax seeds help in addition to maintaining a proper digestive system and help to unblock the arteries. They have a high content of Omega-3 essential to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.
Lemon is also a great help in maintaining healthy arteries, especially for the beneficial intake of vitamin C which helps maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. At the same time, regular consumption of lemon also helps reduce inflammation in the body and prevent oxidation at the cellular level.

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