For fashionistas who don’t like their toes… the closed sandals you’ve been waiting for (photos)

For fashionistas who don’t like their toes, or who simply don’t want to show their toes in summer. These are the closed toe sandals you’ve been waiting for.

Podophobia is the definition of foot phobia. Without going that far, sometimes just by seeing their toes in the sand (yours or the others), some people aren’t satisfied. And the summer season is best to wear open shoes and let your toes breathe. For those who do not like the shape of their toes, there is no substitute for closed shoes.

blogger Pernille Teisbaek get dressed slingbacks

Fashionista white miro get dressed slingbacks

Fashionista Emily Sindlev wear a ballerina

Closed flat sandal for sure comfort

Overall, we have to admit that finding a shoe that fits you isn’t always easy. Even more, when it comes to closed toe sandals. With a slight movement, the closed sandals can be attached with more or less thicker straps and wires depending on the model chosen.

Closed-toe sandals are perfect if you don’t want to show your toes

Without going through the box birkenstock Or a somewhat classic ballet shoes, it is possible to resort to closed-toe shoes that have an eye-catching character. In the list of fashion trends for summer 2022, and even those for the beginning of autumn. What do we agree with that we feel is right for us? There are so-called hunter sandals, which, although the toes sometimes pass through their nets, are still true toe camouflage shoes.

In the same practical guide to clothing, there are flat-back shoes slingbacks, which re-emerges. We love it finished in faux leather, genuine leather or tweed, and wedge sneakers in two-material and embellished canvases appeal to us for an extra dose of style.

Where do we buy closed toe sandals?

Good news, the brands we used to shop for are also starting to expect typical closed-toe shoes. Brand Jonahof course, but there is also See by Chloé And Mango And Nasty Gal And castaner Where makers double their creativity to deliver the perfect sandals when we don’t want to show our toes in summer.

Many models we have chosen for you

Brand Jonah




Nasty Gal



See By Chloe

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