For example, side effects of corona vaccines are tracked: 5000 people actively followed

“We have to be prepared for the unexpected, but we also want to get a clear picture of the expected,” says Kant. “For example, that some people get a fever or high fever after vaccination, that’s pretty certain. How big that group is and how often it occurs, we don’t know yet.”

To find out, Lareb has developed a special report form. “So that we can receive reports well. It has been specially tailored and will be ready and operational by mid-December.”

Follow groups

In addition, Lareb will actively monitor people who have been vaccinated. “From 1 February we will monitor a group of 5000 people per vaccine.” Nursing home residents are not part of this group. “We are not going to follow them in groups. We do that through nursing home doctors.”

Lareb is going to hire a lot of extra people to get all that done. But for these things, Lareb is on Earth, Kant says. “This is our core business. We always do this research. The special thing about this situation is that the development of this vaccine is faster. You don’t often vaccinate such large numbers of people, so you quickly gain a lot of knowledge about the side effects. “

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