For Every 10cm A Man’s Waist Circumference Increases The Risk Of “This Cancer” 8 Tricks To Kick The Big Belly |

Tian Wang Liming previously appeared in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, and is still in good condition. Although she is over 500, she doesn’t have the most annoying middle-aged people who are most likely to have a big belly. For men, central obesity is indeed the biggest taboo, because in addition to interfering with the metabolic rate and chronically affecting overall health, the most terrible thing is that it increases the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Men should avoid central obesity.For every 10 cm of waist circumference increase, the risk of developing this cancer is greater.

The World Health Organization uses a waist circumference of ≥90 cm and 35 inches for men and a waist circumference of ≥ 80 cm and 31.5 inches for women as central obesity. The higher the risk of prostate cancer, the higher the risk of prostate cancer. For every 10 cm of waist circumference in men, the risk of fatal prostate cancer increases by 18%.

The most practical way to get rid of a big belly is, of course, a combination of exercise and diet control, as well as paying attention to the tips provided by experts:

In the Miss Hong Kong pageant, Dawn’s appearance made the scene scream.

‧ Refrain from eating late night snacks

At night, the digestive capacity of the stomach and intestines began to go into a dormant state.At this time, if you have a late night snack, the digestive capacity should not be elevated, which will lead to delayed digestion and obesity .

‧ Chew slowly and carefully

Transmission of satiety to the brain is jet-lagged and often delayed. If you eat too fast in a limited time, your brain may not be getting the satiety signal, so eating slowly is a good way to effectively prevent overeating because you think you’re not full.

Dawn is in good shape and KEEP and sings the new song “Happiness in Life”.

‧Reduce the high-fat diet

Less oil and less fat, especially not eating fatty meat, it is advisable to try to control no more than 25 grams of fat per day, instead eat more fish to ensure protein intake.

‧ Get more dietary fiber

Li Tianwang’s behavior remains.

Eat more grains, vegetables, fruits, etc. which are high in dietary fiber.It is recommended to consume 25 grams to 30 grams of dietary fiber per month, which can help increase satiety and aid digestion.

‧Check the sugar

You should pay attention to reducing the high-sugar diet, even if you eat fruit, because fructose can be absorbed directly by the human body, which is a major risk factor that affects the human body’s blood sugar level and increases the risk of central obesity and fatty liver.

Without a big belly, the king is elegant and healthy.

‧ Regular exercise

It helps burn fat through proper exercise, such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc., and the simplest brisk walk is also one of the effective ways to lose belly.

Enough rest

It is best to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, because lack of sleep will make the body feel hungry and increase food intake.

‧Do not sit for long periods of time

Sitting for a long time does not burn abdominal fat.People who need to sit and work for a long time are advised to move their hands, turn their heads, do stretching exercises on the seats or regularly leave their seats and walk for a while. bit’.

For every 10 cm of waist circumference increase in men, the risk of fatal prostate cancer increases by 18%.

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