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It can briefly describe the decision taken this week, which came in response to the scandals affecting the association’s party “Latvia’s Development”. The “Movement For!”

Decision to withdraw from “Development / About!” would also mean a risk for the party to lose state funding, reports Latvian Television “de facto”.

If the development of Latvia with the party “Growth” decided to keep the union without “parists”, the money allocated by the state would remain for both parties.

“In this turbulent time, the work of the association” For Development / For! “Is undergoing a serious change.” A statement with such a headline appeared on Tuesday evening both by the associations themselves and by all three parties that make them up – “For the Development of Latvia” (LA), “Movement For!” and “Growth” – websites.

The party leaders who signed the statement did not go into detail about why this time is so stormy then. However, the reason was clearly the resignation of Juris Pūce from the position of the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and later from the LA leadership, as well as the former LA member, Riga councilor Māris Mičerevskis, publicly expressed about possible violations in party financing.

These suspicions in the departmental investigation are now being assessed by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

“For Development / For!” The statement emphasizes that the association will now concentrate strategic political decisions in the Saeima faction, adopting them in cooperation with the leaders of all three parties, which will now also form the board of the association in the trio. Daniels Pavļuts, who leads both the faction and the “Movement For!”, Admits – this is the freezing of the association.

“We have said that, in fact, we are moving away from the union, while the association is not leaving – we are coordinating the group. We will ensure that the liberal agenda, the liberal program that we launched and promised the electorate, will continue to be implemented. .) On the question of the future fate of the association – whether to renew the association in full or not, or to act otherwise – we will make this decision after the local elections. So, before the Saeima elections, “explains Pavļuts.

After Pūce’s resignation, Ivars Ijabs, a member of the European Parliament, has become the acting chairman of the board of LA.

He hopes that after a pause before the municipal elections, the association will continue to work together: “I have always been a federalist and not a separatist in that sense. And I think that the same brand” For Development / For! “Is clearly preservable. Well, of course , everything is in the hands of the members, but I will certainly be in favor of maintaining the association, because, in the end, I myself have been elected to the European Parliament as a “Development / For!” Member, so there is, of course, a number of variables yet to come. front, but in general, the mood is that no one wants to cut the door. “

In the association “For Development / For!” also includes the party “Growth”, whose name does not appear in the name of the association, but it has one mandate of a deputy of the Saeima. It was obtained by the party’s leader, cardiologist Andris Skride.


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