for developers it’s Sony’s fault

According to Miles Jacobson, the non-arrival of Football Manager 2021 on PlayStation 4 and PS5 it is not linked to any exclusive agreement signed by SEGA with other players in the videogame industry: to determine this situation, according to the director of Sports Interactive, it was Sony.

Realizing the numerous questions posed to him on social media by fans on the failure to land FM 2021 on PlayStation platforms, the exponent of the British software house joined on Twitter to explain that “I’m often asked about this and maybe I’ll get in trouble by answering you. Our friends in the Xbox division have spent years wondering if we could get back to their consoles. That’s why FM 2019 and FM 2020 ended up on Game Pass towards the end. of their life cycle, which is why FM 21 will arrive on Xbox One and Series X / S “.

Having made this clarification, Jacobson entered into the merits of the matter by declaring that “to create a game on a specific platform, you need its dev kit. And to get that dev kit, the owner of a given platform must want that game on his system. We got in touch with Sony but from them. we did not receive any devkits. We did the same with Microsoft and they sent them to us “.

Football Manager 2021 is scheduled for release on November 24 on PC and, for the first time in ten years, on Microsoft consoles: the title will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, complete with cross-save, Smart Delivery (to receive the nextgen update for free) e Xbox Play Anywhere (to buy the game on one platform and download it for free on the others). The versions Touch e Mobile of FM 2021 will arrive on Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android systems in December.

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