For ages 18 and up only, these chips are made with a vagina-like taste


Different from the product french fries Other. This potato chip is packed with images and sensual flavor variations especially for adults.

Until now, potato chips have become a common snack that can be enjoyed by children to adults. Unlike this Lithuanian potato chip.

A report from OddityCentral (13/09), a potato chip maker named CHAZZ, has just launched an adult food product or NSFW. Because the packaging and flavor variations of these chips are erotic.


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Indeed, this potato-based product will appeal to buyers over the age of 18. The chip packaging was designed with a logo featuring a sexy woman wearing luxury lingerie.

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These chips, which are called preservative-free, have the “18 ++ Adults Only” logo on the front of the package.

The no less controversial flavor variant is Pussy Flavor, which is a play on the word vagina in English. Then there is the Bloody Mary Cocktail with white wine.

Using the basic ingredients of the potato, oil, salt, garlic, sugar, natural sour cream with black pepper.

For those over 18, these chips are made with a vagina-like taste Photo: News from the site

According to the official CHAZZ website, this vaginal flavor variant was created by CHAZZ’s marketing team who are familiar with “vaginal” taste. Despite causing debate and discussion, they ultimately not only released Pussy Flavor variations, but launched several other flavor variations.

After discovering the formula for today’s fries, they asked several spice makers in Europe to find the closest, vagina-flavored flavor they intended to flavor their fries with.

In the production of these controversial chips, there have been many female employees who took part in the creation of the vaginal flavored chips formula.

However they did mention it french fries the taste of this vagina returns to the taste of each. They also claim that these chips are made for brave and free-spirited people.

“These chips are made for those who live their lives the way they want, who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd and don’t care what people say,” said a representative from CHAZZ.

For the price, a packet of chips is currently priced at 9.9 euros (Rp 150,398).

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