For adults only, as her mother gave birth to her.. Al-Qeshta Sama Al-Masry does the impossible, bathes naked and carries everything

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He offers nothing but temptation and excitement, and he deliberately provokes his audience and those who follow him or even his haters, because he posts images that offend Arab women in general.

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Egyptian actor Ahmed Fahmy also took a photo of him while he was in the shower and in the bathtub, just like the photo of Sama, who commented saying: “What, Hamada? Are we going to someone’s work or what?”

And he continued: “Ahmed Fahmy wants to work as a seducer… When you work as a seducer, what should I do, my soul?? Don’t make us eat, my heart, will you also do comedy and seduction?? What am I doing right?? You’re a sweet artist and stuff, oh, but I’m also disgusted with you, and I’m also sexy with you… and this bathtub is also my job.

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