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Football player Dani Alves was arrested in Barcelona on suspicion of harassment. It is reported by the publication Marca.

Alves has already been interrogated at the police station. The application against him was filed on 2 January. The applicant accuses the footballer of molesting her on 30 December in one of the nightclubs in Barcelona where the footballer was on vacation, and, in particular, putting his hand under her underwear. The woman has already passed the medical examination.

Alves denies the allegations and claims he “doesn’t know who the lady is.”

In the near future, the court will determine the measure of restraint for the football player. Marca considers it unlikely that he will be placed in custody pending investigation.

Dani Alves is one of the most famous Brazilian footballers of the last decade. He spent most of his career (nine seasons) at Barcelona. Alves’ other clubs include Sevilla, Juventus and PSG. This season, the 39-year-old player plays for the UNAM Pumas club from Mexico.

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