football toilet | An exceptional match for Enrique. She plays Germany on the day her daughter would have celebrated her birthday

You can influence the outcome of a sports match, but there are quarrels when you are powerless. The current coach of the Spanish national team knows his stuff. In late August 2019, his then nine-year-old daughter Xana died, after a five-month battle, she succumbed to a rare form of bone cancer.

Enrigue wanted to be close to her, which is why he ended up with the Spanish national team in June 2019. However, he has returned to his post and currently leads his team to the World Cup in Qatar.

“Today we are not only playing against Germany. Today is also a very special day because Xanita would have turned 13. Love, wherever you are, enjoy. We love you,” the 52-year-old coach said in an Instagram post on Sunday morning.

He also recalled Enrique’s second daughter Sira, among others, the girlfriend of national striker Ferran Torres. “Happy birthday princess. We will always miss you,” she wrote in an Instagram story, adding a photo of her and her sister on a paddleboard. Another photo showed only Xana herself, posing with a smile on the beach.

Thus Enrigue took care of motivation in the evening duel of Group E. If the Spaniards beat the Germans, they would have six points and only a very high defeat in the last game against Japan would prepare them for the round of 16, and for that Costa Rica would have to also beat Germany by a large margin.

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