football toilet | A new trend at the World Cup took pundits by surprise. The 29-minute setting seems excessive to me, she says

The presenter of the program, Filip Lejček, recalls that the head of the FIFA Refereeing Commission, Pierluigi Collina, ordered the referees to take into account goal celebrations, treatment, substitutions and VAR when determining the scheduled time for the championship . Moravek shakes his head. “The players and the fans are not used to it. It’s a matter of habit, but it doesn’t seem like a very good and interesting decision to me,” said the player, who has been active in Germany’s top competitions for many years.

“I read somewhere that 97 minutes were put together in the first six matches. It seems to me excessive,” assesses the number of minutes set in the world championship duels in Qatar. “I’m curious if this new trend will carry over to European championship competition. It will be interesting to watch. Keep the setting for four, five minutes at the end,” he suggests.


Montage of the England – Iran World Cup matchvideo: Czech television

The behavior of referees is also new to media representatives. “But I think I understood the intention to really play for 45 minutes. I was surprised that it should be set up for goal celebrations, after all they belong in the match and have never been tackled,” says Přímák’s second guest EXTRA , Jiří Lizec, editor of Práva and

Like Morávek, he was left with a smaller portion of minutes when setting up a duel. “I’d lean even for four, five minutes. That is, if there wasn’t an important treatment or some other longer delay in that particular match. If that’s going to be a trend, we’ll have to get used to it. But it’s a habit,” adds Lizec.

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