‘Football talent Nora O. (20) wrote in the diary that she wanted to grow as a criminal’ | Inland

20-year-old Nora O. was the only one to come to court. The football talent, who played for SC Heerenveen, is suspected of a third offense in a short time. In addition to a burglary and an exploded bomb in Rotterdam, both also in May 2020, she was also involved in the liquidation of criminal Essalih in the same period.

The public prosecutor held in the first interim session, among other things, the family of the victim for what happened around his death. A police unit, on its way to the shooting incident on the night of 2 to 3 May at the corner of Panamalaan and Borneolaan, found a scooter on the cycle path nearby.

False name

A woman tried to lift the two-wheeler. Although at that moment a BMW burned down a little further away, officers decided to take a closer look at the scene. Names were asked. The co-driver identified herself with a Dutch passport as Ismail el B. The driver gave the name Mayar. Although it was false, the name information turned out to be very valuable later in the investigation.

When checking camera images from the area, it also emerged that the scooter came out of a porch just 150 meters from the crime scene. It could be seen how a woman got on and then drove away with a male passenger.


Garments were found by the police in the stairwell of the portico. There was a firearm in a jacket. The blood of Omar Essalih, who was shot dead, was then found. In the house there were also coats with the DNA of Nora O., Ismail el B. and the victim.

That was not even all. The prosecutor said that the suspects used gloves from the Praxis from Southeast in the murder. Nora O. drove there a day before the liquidation with her Volkswagen Polo. Around the time her car was at the hardware store, investigators discovered five cash payments, one of which was for the same type of gloves as the one attached to the shooting. These were all reasons for the police to arrest and detain Nora O. and Ismail el B.

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Psychological research

Although the facts are very serious in themselves, the public prosecutor is currently particularly concerned about the vulnerability of Nora O. The fact that the young woman does not want to make a statement is still reasonable, but she also refuses to be psychologically examined. “She herself acknowledges that she is naive and easy to influence, the probation service keeps open the possibility that she is precisely calculating and manipulative,” the officer expressed her concerns.

Lawyer Guy Weski will soon discuss with his client Nora O. whether she still wants to be examined. If she does not cooperate, the Public Prosecution Service wants the court to send the suspect to the Pieter Baan Center for a psychiatric and psychological examination. The officer: ,, During a search in O.’s cell, a diary and rap texts were found, probably written by her. She refers to criminal activities she is alleged to have carried out. The text also seems to indicate that she sees herself as a major criminal and wants to grow even bigger. ” Research into her psyche is therefore indicated as necessary.

The lawsuit will be continued on February 4.

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