Football star Tom Brady throws the Microsoft Surface tablet to the ground – that’s what Microsoft says about his fainting

For quarterback Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers, things didn’t go as planned at some points in Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints. Super Bowl record winner Brady is known for his calm demeanor, but this weekend’s game proved he can do things differently on the pitch. A Microsoft Surface Tablet was affected. After an analysis of the game on the device, Brady threw it to the ground in anger. The images are already making the rounds of social media. Microsoft also commented on this.

Panos Panay addresses the Microsoft community

As the head of Microsoft Surface devices, Panos Panay felt it was his duty to comment on this use of the tablet. As he told the community, “Rest assured Surface should be fine.” While it’s not entirely certain whether the tablet is actually still usable, the casual handling made people laugh. Brady has no endorsement agreements with the line of devices. Therefore, of course, this scene has no consequences for him. However, the US sports star already apologized via Twitter and said, “I’m sorry I broke the tablet, but I think this will be another Twitter meme or something.”

He should be right about that, because the scene is on the Internet and it’s used a lot as a meme there. Brady had no further reason to vent his frustrations over messed up plays on other Microsoft Surface devices on Sunday, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended up beating the New Orleans Saints 10-20. All is well that ends well. Hope the tablet is doing well too.


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