Football / Pyrenees Cup: Anglet beats Asmur on the wire

The editorial staff advises you

The first half hour is very tactical. Possession is for the Genêts. The Béarnais block is well in place. But an oversight is paid cash. The center of Harchoulet finds the head of Taounti, coming from his right lane, at the far post (0-1, 27th). The piston, stirring offensively, is close to offering a double: on an acrobatic delivery from Rodriguez, his bicycle at 9m passes right next to it (37th).

The Mazérois have difficulty approaching the opposing surface, hampered by the Angloye defense at five. Only Pereira Luis, with a shot 1m from the post, shows a light (45th).

It will not be in vain. Upon returning from the locker room, the more intense pressing is rewarded. Covin gets the ball back, tries his luck. Countered by a defender, a second opportunity is offered to him. The good one, with a cross shot (1-1, 49th).

The debates are balanced. Except that a new error will weigh down the ASMUR. Rodriguez’s innocuous center is misjudged by goalkeeper Couralis (1-2, 65th). Bearnaise resilience is not exhausted. On a free kick from Covin, Soubielle’s header escapes the frame (74th). Then, with an outside foot, Lecornu finds Grange Cabane in the box. The incoming aims for the near post and equalizes (2-2, 79th).

However, a final blunder spoils the beautiful story. A loss of ball at 30m, Feraud launches Lagui. The Basque striker does not miss the offering (2-3, 90th). Captain Serrano, author of a great performance, swings his shirt in rage. The mask of spite settles on the faces of the vanquished.

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