Football player Park Joo-ho, news of surprise delivered

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The news of the transfer of Ulsan Hyundai defender Park Joo-ho was delivered.

On the 2nd, the media’Sports Korea’ announced that Ulsan Hyundai defender Park Joo-ho will transfer to Suwon FC. Park Joo-ho moved to Ulsan Hyundai in 2018, contributing to winning the FA Cup and winning the Asian Champions League.

[단독]’Na Eun’s father’ Park Joo-ho leaves Ulsan and moves to Suwon FC [스포츠한국 이재호 기자] Park Joo-ho, 34, who is the national team’s left full-back “Na Eun-yi’s father,” leaves Ulsan Hyundai and makes a sudden transfer to Suwon FC. According to soccer officials, Park Joo-ho recently agreed to a transfer to Suwon FC. Park Joo-ho, who played an active part as a member of Ulsan Hyundai’s Asia Champions League, is Hong

Suwon FC, which has been promoted to K-League 1 this season, is reinforcing its power by recruiting Park Ji-soo, Kim Ho-nam, Yang Dong-hyun, and Jeong Dong-ho, and also Park Joo-ho. In particular, Park Joo-ho is expected to be of great help to the team because he can be both a full-back and a central midfielder.

Park Joo-ho’s wife Anna Instagram

When the news of Park Joo-ho’s transfer was delivered, his family was naturally interested. This is because the wife and daughter Naeun-i, sons, Gun-hoo, and Jin-woo, all revealed through KBS2’s entertainment show’Superman is Back’ are living together in Ulsan.

Netizens responded with “Naeun’s moving”, “I can’t hear Naeun’s dialect anymore”, and “I’m sorry to leave Ulsan.” On the other hand, Suwon citizens are showing strong cheers.

“I went to hell.”’Jin Gun Nably’s Dad’ Park Joo-ho, it was almost a big deal Park Joo-ho, who posted the story “I went to hell” on Instagram

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