Football Manager 2021 is not coming to PlayStation consoles because developer did not get devkits

In recent years, games from the Football Manager series have no longer been released for consoles. Football Manager 2021 was announced earlier this week and it was a surprise that this new part will also be released for Xbox Series consoles and the Xbox One. Even more striking was that the game has not been announced for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It has now become clear why Sony’s consoles are being skipped.

Miles Jacobson, the director of Football Manager, has indicated on Twitter that developer Sports Interactive has not received devkits from Sony and therefore cannot develop Football Manager 2021 for the PS5 and PS4. Jacobson says that Sony, unlike Microsoft, has not itself actively approached Sports Interactive. The studio did contact Sony itself, but in the end this did not ensure that they received devkits from Sony.

Jacobson does not think it is a shame of Sony, because according to him devkits are quite scarce and Sony therefore has to make choices. It just means that we do not have to count on a release of Football Manager on a PlayStation console for the time being.

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