Football fans enjoy an incredible penalty from Teplice. The mole scored

Teplice has been struggling with the poor condition of its course for more than a year. Due to the waterlogged lawn, the match with Liberec was postponed twice last spring, and the summer reconstruction did not help either. The company that carried it out made a mistake, after the end of this year’s football league, the playing area in the spa town will be reconstructed again.

The “glassmakers” almost paid for the condition of their lawn, which, however, resembles the green arm in much the way that Czech politicians resemble fair gentlemen.

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Reaction? “Honza should have the ball! But he bounced off the turf under the crossbar! ”Pavel Moulis, the author of the opening and later also the winning goal, did not believe his eyes.

The shooter himself shook his head at the incredible “hallucination”. “Yeah, I wanted to put it on the ground so it would go up like this,” Takács joked at first. “The goalkeeper would catch the ball eighty percent, I kicked the penalty badly,” he immediately sprinkled his head with ashes.

“The penalty was severe, that’s the second thing. And it could also happen that the ball could fly over the crossbar from the turf, “home coach Radim Kučera was in a good mood.” We won deservedly. We wanted more than Boleslav wanted. I appreciate that we didn’t make it after the collected goal. ” he added.

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Thirteen minutes after more than a curious goal, Moulis also turned the penalty. “I rested, because I had a great chance before we got the goal. I am glad that we managed to win and advance. Plus on the day of my thirtieth birthday. Before the match, we wanted to score a goal, to advance. It worked, I gave two, “he smiled.

The smile, however, arouses the incredible goal of Lac Takács. An unorthodox penalty becomes an internet hit. “This is a red foul from the field manager,” comments the well-known recessive server Fanclub of Defensive Football. “A thick trick!” Czech Television reporter Darina Vymětalíková is grinning on Twitter.

It is obvious that sports fans will soon start to entertain abroad as well.

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