“Football” attracts Spanish specialists who have worked for “Barcelona” – Football

Football club “Riga” is pleased to announce that new specialists have been approved to work at the academy, whose task will be to develop the youth football program.

Jordi Gonzalez Puentes will perform the duties of the head of the academy together with two experienced youth team coaches Albert Garcia Pinadella a Marc Velasco Borrell, who will be responsible for different age groups at the academy.

The new team of academics has extensive knowledge of football and Europe’s leading football club, such as FC Barcelona a City Football Group, managerial experience. These specialists will create a completely new level of football in the Baltic States and expand the professional opportunities for young football players in Riga.

Jordi Gonzalezan experienced manager and leader who began his career in 2003 as a Spaniard EU Macanet de la Selva director of the youth football academy, but then moved on to FC Barcelona academy. During his career, he has held various positions in one of the City Footbll Group for clubs – Girona FC, including head of the prospective youth search (‘scouting’) department and director of the academy.

Albert garcia to Riga comes from City Footbll Group contained in Girona FC, where he held the position of U19 team head coach and U16 / U17 / U18 team fitness coordinator. He has 14 years of experience as a professional coach Girona FC in youth teams of different ages and is awarded a UEFA PRO license.

Marc velasco is a UEFA PRO A licensed coach with 10 years of professional player experience. He has been FC Barcelona Director of the International Football Academy in Istanbul and Coach of Barcelona FCBSchool, Barcelona Football Academy in New York and club Sagan Tosu J1 League. His managerial experience consists of working with clubs such as CF Sant Cerbia, AT.C. Sant Pol a FC Tordera the first teams.

Comment by Alexander Proņins, General Director of Riga Football Club, about the new specialists:We have put a lot of effort into bringing together a strong team of professionals who know from personal experience what the requirements are for the game at the highest level.. All three new colleagues have extensive experience in professional football and will be able to pass on their knowledge to new players. The appointment of Horde, Alberta and Mark, as well as our work on the infrastructure of the academy, means that now the young players of Riga Football Club have everything they need to achieve better results on the football field and develop their professional career.”

Jordi Gonzalez: “I would like to thank TTI and Riga for the trust shown in me and my team, and we will do our best to not only justify, but also exceed the expectations placed on our work. We are here to work hard and bring success to both the academy and the club, and we look forward to joining the Riga team. ”

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