Foot PSG – PSG: Party for 15 ME, he wants to return as a superstar

What if PSG bought a player sold last summer in Leverkusen? It is Moussa Diaby’s dream for the years to come.

Paris Saint-Germain knows the problem of young people from its training center very well. Despite the incredible pool represented by the Paris region, the pool of young soccer players the most supplied in Europe according to recruiters, training at PSG and winning there as a first team remains an extremely delicate mission. Even confirmed players like Alphonse Areola or Adrien Rabiot break their teeth, and only Presnel Kimpembe manages to really pull out of the game. Each summer, many promising players therefore leave Paris SG to go try their luck elsewhere, often at home. ‘foreign. With some success, as is the case with Moussa Diaby. Untenable during the Bundesliga recovery day last weekend, the attacking midfielder bursts into Leverkusen. The pure Parisian left to become, at only 20 years old, one of the sure values ​​of a club which aims at the Champions League at the end of the season. Arrived in Germany for 15 ME, Moussa Diaby dreams of singing status in the eyes of PSG, and why not come back in a few years as a confirmed star.

At Leverkusen, I knew that I was going to have more playing time than at PSG. I had to leave Paris. Paris is my training club, I am very grateful to him. But I had to leave Paris. You have to be patient, there are other players who have done it. I was not in this perspective of waiting too long to have playing time. I think I made the right choice from PSG. I was in the process of telling myself to leave to come back one day, but in another status. Yes, it’s in the minds of all Parisian Titis. I’m always thinking of the France A team. It’s in the minds of all young French people and why not go and look for a bigger club like PSG “, Said the offensive midfielder TF1, who knows that these dreams of return are rarely realized. But PSG for example showed it with Abdou Diallo, it never hesitates to invest in a player in whom it believes, even if it has passed under its nose before during its training in France.

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