Foodwatch attacks McDonald’s & Co.

To raise awareness of the dangers of high-sugar junk food, Foodwatch made a five-minute satirical film in which the consumer organization attacks large corporations and brands directly.

by Tim Theobald (HORIZONT)

According to one new report from Foodwatch every fifth death in Germany is due to an unhealthy diet. And this is still made palatable to many children at a young age – also by brands and influencers that the target group places a lot of trust in. In order to draw attention to the dangers of high-sugar junk food, Foodwatch, together with young advertising filmmakers from HFF Munich, shot a five-minute satirical film with actor Maximilian Brückner (“Hindafing”), in which the consumer organization large corporations and brands such as Coca-Cola, Haribo, Mondelez and McDonald’s directly attacked. “Wolf of Candystreet” is the name of the film that Foodwatch developed together with the young directors Fariba Buchheim and Andreas Pfohl and their production company NOZY and which can be seen on YouTube and on social media.


The clip plays in the fictional control center of the food company “Happy Foods”, where the managing director played by Brückner is in charge. Together with his two employees (played by Sebastian Fritz and Julia Angeli) he hacks into the tablets of children who are currently watching influencer content and places advertisements for Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Co directly in the children’s room, always precisely when the parents are not in the room. Incidentally, completely real in the satirical film: the content of the real influencers Viktoria and Sarina as well as Simon Desue.

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With the short film, Foodwatch wants its results 40-page “junk fluencer” reports Get to the point clearly. Together with the directing duo Buchheim / Pfohl, those responsible wanted to draw stereotypical characters that reflect the control center of a fictional food company in an exaggerated way and thus draw attention to the dangers of junk food for children and young people.

(Image: imago images / blickwinkel)

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In addition to Fariba Buchheim and Andreas Pfohl, there are Luis de Maia (Director of Photography), Josef Fink (Author), Tobias Beul (Editor & Colorist), Florian Maximilian Kammerer (Production Design), Christoph Blase (Lighting Technician), Philip Hutter (Sound Design), Tiffany Winteler and Elli Herfellner (Producer / Winteler Production) involved in the film.

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