Foods to be integrated into the diet every day to combat flatulence

One of the most embarrassing problems that we face every day is that of flatulence. It is a physiological function of our organism, of which there would be nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, however, flatulence can be excessive and turn into bloating.

Meteorism is a real ailment caused by an excessive presence of gas in the intestine, and can negatively affect our quality of life. Obviously, if the problem becomes serious, it is always necessary to consult a gastroenterologist. But we can also run for cover alone to try to limit excessive flatulence.

The first rule to treat this disorder is to follow a suitable diet, avoiding risky foods and instead favoring those that limit the production of gas. So here are the best foods to integrate into your diet every day to combat flatulence.

Beware of legumes, crucifers, milk, coffee and carbonated drinks

Obviously the first rule is to avoid the foods most at risk. We all know that legumes (beans, broad beans, peas, etc …) they can cause excessive gas production. The same thing happens with the brassicacee, or cruciferous (cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, etc …). To avoid bloating, the consumption of milk, dairy products, coffee and carbonated drinks should also be limited.

But an anti-bloating diet is not all about sacrifices. There are also some foods to encourage.

We supplement with blueberry, anise, fennel and chamomile

Among the foods to be integrated every day in the diet to fight flatulence there are those with anti-inflammatory properties. For example blueberries and other berries. Also important are aniseed or fennel seeds. They are very suitable for promoting digestion and limiting the fermentation of foods in the intestine.

Another valuable tip is to drink chamomile tea after a particularly hearty meal. The herbal tea will help our digestion and limit intestinal bloating.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)

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