Foods that you shouldn’t combine according to experts but that you eat regularly

For a correct diet, the variety of foods is among the priorities that we should set ourselves. Over the years, there have been many studies on the food association of foods. Because? According to science, not all foods can be eaten at the same meal. There are many combinations that cause problems with digestion and assimilation of nutrients. To get a clear picture of what we are talking about, it is fair to point out that digestion takes place through enzymes. These substances operate within the digestive system. If we eat foods in the same meal that need a lot of enzymes to be digested then we will greatly lengthen digestion. Not to mention that this “physical effort” makes the assimilation of proteins and other nutrients necessary for the body more difficult. For this reason, we show you some combinations of foods that nutritionists say are wrong.

Foods that you shouldn’t combine according to experts but that you eat regularly

How many of you love to eat a nice slice of meat accompanied perhaps by a portion of chips and why not also a slice of bread? Nothing more wrong. According to nutritionists, meat but also fish and eggs are fine if accompanied by a portion of potatoes. It is, however, absolutely to be avoided the combination of these foods in addition to bread. Too many carbohydrates that would make food like boulders to digest.

After a nice plate of vegetables, can you also indulge in a delicious portion of fruit? This combination is also to be avoided for experts, especially after dinner.

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And do you still eat the egg with the meat? Or a succulent hamburger with a slice of cheese? Here are two other mouth-watering combinations but to be avoided according to experts. Too many proteins in the same dish which would lead to a mismatch in the daily nutritional intake. On the other hand, the combination of “eggs and vegetables” or “meat and vegetables” is recommended.

Yogurt and fresh fruit. A really yummy mix, recommended in many food plans. However, the acid component of the fruit would affect the assimilation of dairy product. For this reason it would be not recommended to eat yogurt and fresh fruit together.

Bread and cheese. Another inviting combination that we should, instead, avoid due to the different digestion of the starch of the bread and the proteins of the cheese. Our body will have to choose which food to process first and this would cause us a decent stomach ache.

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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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