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Due to the rise in prices, less and less food enters the consumer basket Photo “24 HOURS”

The Market Price Index (ITC), which reflects the wholesale prices of foodstuffs in Bulgaria, remained almost unchanged this week at 2,210 points (compared to 2,209 points a week ago). This is shown by the data of the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets (DKSBT).

Retail prices also depend on wholesale prices.

Since the beginning of 2022, ITC has added nearly 21 percent. A year ago, the ITC was around 1,610 – 1,615 points or 37 percent lower. The base level of the index of 1,000 points is from 2005.


The price of greenhouse tomatoes jumped this week by 7.2 percent to BGN 4.60 per kilogram, and greenhouse cucumbers added 7 percent to BGN 3.80 per kilogram.

Potatoes went up by 1 stotinka and sold at BGN 0.96 per kilogram. Carrots jump by 4.9 percent and are traded at BGN 1.08 per kilogram wholesale. The price of cabbage fell by 5.4 percent to BGN 1.22 per kilogram.

The price of imported red peppers increased by 4 percent to BGN 4.20 per kilogram. Salads rose by 2.1 percent to BGN 0.99 per piece.

The fruits

Apples increase in value by 4 percent this week and sell at BGN 1.30 per kilogram. The price of lemons rises by 0.5 percent to BGN 1.88 per kilogram. Bananas are 1.2 percent cheaper and traded at BGN 2.53 per kilogram wholesale. Strawberries decreased by 5.5 percent to BGN 5.15 per kilogram wholesale.

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Dairy products

Cow’s cheese rose by 1.4 percent to BGN 9 per kilogram, and Vitosha yellow cheese rose by 10 stotinki and sold at BGN 14.30 per kilogram. A packet of 125 grams of butter went up by 3.2 percent and sold at BGN 2.58 at the end of the week.

The oil increases its price by 5.9 percent and trades at an average of BGN 5.04 per liter.

Chicken meat rose by 4.3 percent and traded at an average of BGN 5.56 per kilogram.

Sugar adds 6.4 percent and sells for BGN 1.99 per kilogram.

Flour type “500” is cheaper by 4.3 percent and trades at BGN 1.35 per kilogram.

Price of rice rises by 5.9 percent to BGN 2.68 per kilogram.

The eggs are sold at BGN 0.28 per piece in the days before Easter.

On the Sofia Commodity Exchange (SSB) offers for grain again there is only on the part of buyers. Bread wheat is in demand at BGN 635 / ton, fodder wheat at BGN 615 / ton, and for corn there was a “buy” offer at a starting price of BGN 450 / ton. All prices are without VAT.

The UBB is again actively traded energy carriers: coniferous wood in the range of BGN 115-135 / cubic meter was sold. m, natural gas at BGN 2031.50 / thousand. cubic meters, gasoline A95H in the range of 2353.14-2450 BGN / thousand. l; A100H motor gasoline at BGN 2,700 / thousand l; diesel fuel in the range of BGN 2508.33-2621.98 / thousand l; gas oil at a price of BGN 2,621.19 / thousand l; and propane butane gas from BGN 1300-1316.67 / thousand. l.

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Rising prices on world markets

The price of wheat in the US this week rose by $ 1 to $ 451 per tonne, that in France added 1 euro to 413 euros / ton, and in Ukraine remained at the old price of $ 415 per ton.

US experts explicitly note that despite the conflict with Ukraine, Russia continues to actively load wheat for export at competitive prices, according to the SSB. Russian experts point out that wheat stocks in southern Russia, a major supplier of wheat for export, amount to 2.7 million tons, which is almost 1.9 times more than in mid-April 2021. The price of Russian wheat fell this week from $ 30 per tonne to $ 370 per tonne.

The price of corn in the United States reached $ 36 per ton, in Ukraine fell by $ 5 to $ 315 per ton. Barley in France fell by 1 euro to 396 euros per tonne, while Ukraine maintained the level of the previous week – 385 dollars per ton. Rapeseed added € 14 to Euronext to € 1,018 per tonne.

Unrefined sunflower oil on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange remained at the level of the previous week – $ 2,000 per ton.

The price of refined sugar fell by $ 30.80 to $ 538.00 per tonne on the London Stock Exchange.

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