Follow-up for Team Kerala Forces: Nattu Visesham

Follow-up for the Kerala Forces Team

Monday 19 September 2022 12:50 IST

Periya: Yuvajanakshema Board District Yuvajanakendram Team Members of Kerala District Level Inauguration of continuing education for Periya SA Parishilanam CH Kunjampu ML at College Trust Auditorium A performed. Principal Dr. K. Radhakrishnan presided. President Rajan Periya, Angamsanthosh Kala State Youth Welfare Council, Kerala Prasob Team District Captain, NSS Program Manager Pankaj Aa Yikomath, K. Vidya, Youth Coordinator KV Chaitra, Youth Coordinator district coordinator Devi Shivaprasad, head of the district youth program PCSheela Snever, spoke.

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