Foldable E Ink Prototype Promises to Bring e-readers closer to books

Love your Kindle but dream of closing it like a good old book before putting it on the nightstand? Good news, the E Ink Corporation – the company behind the screens found in Amazon and Kobo products, in particular – continues to work on a foldable variant of its digital ink screens. The first beginnings took place in 2017, when the company had present a foldable E Ink screen. In recent months, prototypes from a Japanese laboratory include as a bonus a Wacom layer that allows you to take notes on the screen, using a stylus.

In the video above, the Goodereader YouTube channel provides a brief overview of the latest prototype. You can see an e-reader that unfolds (very slowly), does not include any backlighting (but a magnificent light bar from the 90s at the top of the screen, for uniform lighting) and does indeed accept handwritten note taking.

While foldable smartphones have yet to demonstrate their usefulness, this prototype is intriguing: it promises to give a more active role to the reader, including one who would never dare to write a single line in his sacred paper book. It remains to be seen whether Amazon and its competitors will take an interest in this technology.

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