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During an investors meeting, Activision Blizzard shared the results of the third quarter of the current fiscal year. In the past quarter, the company had sales of $ 1.77 billion, where the forecast was $ 1.65 billion.

The biggest factor in this were Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in Warzone. Modern Warfare in Warzone have no less than three times as many monthly active users (MAUs) compared to the previous titles. Modern Warfare has thanks to the popularity of Warzone also the highest sales of any Call of Dutygame in the first year. No less than 67% of sales are digital.

But Blizzard is also doing good business. Blizzard has thirty million MAUs and strong commitment to all of their titles. World of Warcraft is stable compared to last year, but the next expansion Shadowlands is now the best-selling expansion in terms of pre-orders. Also Hearthstone grew in the number of MAUs and Overwatch is still played by ten million players every month.

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