Foch Hospital opens its first multidisciplinary health center in La Défense

Convinced of the need to increase the provision of care in the city and streamline patient care, Foch hospital inaugurates its first multidisciplinary health center in the heart of La Défense. An area of ​​over 600 square meters that will offer general and specialist medical consultations with healthcare professionals from the Foch Hospital every day, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 20:00. A tailor-made health check-up offer will also be offered to neighboring companies.

“Foch-La Défense Health Center”: a space for general medicine and specialist advice combined with a medical imaging platform

Mr. Philippe Guymarho, project director of Foch Hospital, explains the genesis of the project: “The reflections began in 2013: the hospital management team was convinced that it was necessary to increase the offer of care in the city, to unlock first aid and to make up for the shortage of municipal doctors in the catchment area of ​​the Hôpital Foch. We therefore chose to set up a health center in the “city”, in the heart of the La Défense business district, which brings together thousands of employees and residents of the ‘company that will have easy access to a care facility. “

The new Foch-la Défense health center, located on the piazzale de La Défense, 12 place des Reflets, officially opened its doors on 3 October 2022 and will offer every day, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 , accessible consultancy in sector 1, without exceeding the fees.

  • General medical consultations
  • Specialist consultations, provided by the doctors of the Foch Hospital: cardiology, pulmonology, allergology, nephrology, infectiousness / sexual health. Other specialties will soon join the center: gynecology-obstetrics, otolaryngology, etc.
  • A technical platform for cardiac ultrasound and respiratory function tests (EFR).
  • A dentist

Thanks to the partnership with the imaging company IPADE Cœur Défense, which is opening a 400 m2 medical imaging platform with an MRI, a scanner, an ultrasound room and an accessible radiology room on level 1 of the center, the various necessary exams and patient scans can be performed on site.

A tailor-made “health check-up” offer as close as possible to employees and companies

In order to support the health capital of the company’s employees and provide them with a comprehensive health check, the Foch-La Défense health center will offer companies in the business district a tailor-made “Health Check Up” offer. This check-up, built on the basis of the most recent scientific indications, will revolve around relevant and effective examinations, evaluations and evaluations to detect the most frequently encountered pathologies (cardiovascular, oncological, metabolic and nutritional, etc.).

Different formulas will be proposed to companies and their employees:

  • A “general” check-up offer, in 3 steps:
    • The answer to a medical questionnaire, and the realization, 48 hours in advance, of a biological evaluation
    • Performing all functional and imaging explorations on site during D-Day (cardiovascular; pulmonary; visual and auditory, impedancemetry)
    • A medical consultation for a complete clinical visit, and the presentation and explanation of the results at the end of the health check-up.
  • The offer can be integrated with optional assessments: in-depth screening for cardiovascular diseases, check-up dedicated to women’s health (screening for female tumors, endometriosis, etc.), all carried out by specialist doctors from the Foch Hospital.

Dr. E. Fourn, medical director of the Foch-La Défense health center explains: “The health check-up is carried out by specialists from the Foch hospital, recognized for the management of cardiovascular disease and cancer. The results of the check-up are explained and discussed with the doctor on the same day, allowing for optimal care without anxious waiting for the patients. In case of anomalies detected, patients can make an appointment for treatment directly at the Foch Hospital, as soon as possible. This is the real strength of our health center and our offer of health check-ups, which complement our offer of hospital care! “

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