FNG Customers Who Bought Online Just Before Bankruptcy Get …

Customers who placed online orders with one of the group’s chains in the days before the fashion company FNG went bankrupt will still receive those goods. The trustees reported this in a press release on Wednesday evening.

These are goods that were purchased online on July 31 and August 1. Customers paid for those purchases, but were discontinued because FNG was declared bankrupt on August 3.

“In agreement with the banks, an agreement was drawn up that these purchased goods can still be delivered to the consumer,” the curators say on Wednesday. The practical details have yet to be worked out and will be announced later.

With certain chains of FNG, online ordering was also still possible on 2 and 3 August. The intention is that the customers who placed and paid orders at the time will also receive the purchased goods, it sounds Wednesday evening.

FNG is the parent company of Brantano, CKS and Fred & Ginger, among others.

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